Rosine Henon

Rosine was born in Caudebec-en-Caux (Seine Maritime)



Rosine was born in Caudebec-en-Caux (Seine Maritime). After several years spent in the Paris region, she settled permanently in Auvergne in the early 90s.

Within the family literary activity, she initially plays the role of proofreader and proofreader, even sometimes adviser, proposing to one or the other to review or modify such or such passage.

But this activity, which she still carries out, is not creative enough for her taste.

After looking for a while, she started quilling. More recently, it has been expanding its activities, still focused on paper, by successfully launching into modular origami.

Quilling (or rolled paper). Thanks to a small, simple device, strips of colored paper are rolled on themselves. We can thus create patterns, small objects like, for example, earrings, but also paintings.

Modular origami. Small rectangles of paper are folded, always in the same way, to constitute elementary “bricks”, then assembled together, like a construction game, to create realizations in volumes, objects, characters…


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