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Les portes de l’au-delà

In this multifaceted book, you will discover a child, who has become a warrior, to oppose the return to earth of a terrifying god, a young man, a lover of mushrooms, to visit a forgotten valley over which hangs a strange curse, a brilliant lawyer who succumbs to his passion and forgets the recognition he owes to his modest parents, an old soldier whose family is protected, over the centuries, by a knight in rags, a dark creature who comes to seek compensation from an entire village for a crime she once suffered, …

Between an X-file world and legends from an undefined past, Michel Lotty will transport you, over the 12 short stories of this first work, to his dreamlike universe where tender or cruel, wild or desperate creatures rub shoulders, who show you that your fears can keep you hoping.

Le bar des trépassés

Through his first work, the author explored the world of short stories. With this second work, he offers you here a real fantastic novel.After having wandered for a long time in darkness, the narrator arrives in front of a strange building.It’s a bar, but what a bar!Inside, shredded, destroyed, decomposed creatures are waiting, without really knowing what. They made the mistake of meeting creatures from strange and unknown worlds when they shouldn’t have. For this, they must be “purified”.

Until this moment, they tell us, in turn, their terrible adventures. If they can no longer, it is the bartender, being inquisitive with a severed head, who takes their place. His story is also in his image.There follows a succession of strange tales, which combine ferocity and tenderness, cruelty and love.John, the narrator, is convinced that other universes exist. Thanks to a friend, he is put on the track of the key which will allow him to get there and, over the course of his travels, he gathers all the elements.During his last meeting, he meets a madman who tells him that he has been set a trap and that he now has no other alternative than to throw himself headlong into the adventure, abandoning his own family in the process.This is how, from world to world, he meets unexpected friends and is confronted with strange creatures and unforeseen dangers.

But he soon discovers that during this time, dark events are brewing at his place and that his relatives are in danger.He needs to get home as soon as possible.


The bar of the dead

 John, le narrateur, est convaincu que d’autres univers existent. Grâce à un ami, il est mis sur la piste de la clé qui lui permet de trouver et, au fil de ses déplacements, il rassemble tous les éléments.

Lors de sa dernière rencontre, il rencontre un fou qui lui dit qu’il a tendu un piège et qu’il n’a plus d’autre alternative que de se lancer tête baissée dans l’aventure, abandonnant ainsi sa propre famille.

C’est ainsi que, de monde en monde, il rencontre des amis inattendus et est confronté à d’étranges créatures et à des dangers imprévus.

Mais il découvre bientôt que pendant ce temps, des événements sombres se préparent chez lui et que ses proches sont en danger.

Il doit rentrer chez lui le plus tôt possible.


For the one who waits


With “for the one who waits and other news”, Michel Lotty offers today three adventures which constitute the second part of a saga of independent stories, published under the title hat: “Until love ends, what that it costs. “

A woman, deceased from having waited too long for her beloved, inevitably continues to watch for her return. Who will return it to him?
A young man, to save the one he loves, sets out to meet death itself.
A man is killed while driving his car. He nevertheless returns to find those who are dear to him.

Far from the cinematic special effects, violence and horror, it is the force of love that is expressed here, with its procession of emotions, tenderness and hope.


New legends


An unreal horde appears every 20 years in the heart of the Massif Central.
Worrisome creatures hunt in the forest on stormy days.
A train from the Paris metro is lost in the bowels of Paris.
An Indian shaman recreates an ancient battle in the American West.
These are the themes, among others, tackled through eight successive stories, mixing tenderness and ferocity, love and hate, friendship and fighting.
Let yourself be guided in these imaginary adventures which prove that the legends are still very much alive and that they can continue to haunt our collective unconscious.


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