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Tears of crime


To follow their respective parents, big electronics manufacturers, two young French girls, Maeva and Alice, found themselves schooled in a small town in Japan called Nara.

But the stillness of their high school will be disturbed by the murder of one of their comrades. Close to his body, Maeva will discover a threatening letter which implies that a deaf revenge continues his class.

Then follows a series of crimes, more elaborate and Machiavellian than each other, which gradually decimates its workforce. As the police trample, Maeva, helped by her friends, will investigate, accumulate and crosscheck the clues, to establish a list of suspects, which they will then try to reduce gradually, until that the culprit is finally exposed.

But is the case over yet?


The death laugh

It was in a world of chaos and desolation that Heather, a young woman whose daily life was punctuated by fighting and blood, grew up. However, during one of her night outings, she lost the old woman with whom she had lived in recent years, murdered by the Death Laugh guild.

Claiming revenge, she decides to follow in her footsteps. Along the way, she meets Jayden, a mysterious young man of whom she knows nothing and who nevertheless seems to ardently desire to team up with her.

Between the two of them, will they succeed in stopping the cruelest guild in the world?

Is it hope and renewal at the end of their path?


The music lover

After “Tears of crime”, find Maeva and her friends in a new adventure. This time, the three girls are faced, despite themselves, with an investigation that concerns them directly.

A genius violinist, using his melodies as a detonator of his bombs, chased them, determined to kill them. He seems to know them well.

What can be his motivations? Will Maeva and her friends get away from him?

Fights for freedom


King Zaldius, the golden dragon who ruled the kingdom of Dylia for six centuries, fell, defeated by Karnass, one of his fellows with a heart filled with darkness.
The only being able to defeat a dragon being another member of this people, all the hopes rest on the shoulders of Lucior, the nephew of the deceased monarch, residing in the neighboring country. The mission to bring him back is entrusted to Desdemona the vouivre, Maya the Cat people and Nox the vampire.

But time is running out.
The road ahead is long and full of pitfalls, not to mention the unpleasant surprise that awaits them.

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