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I – Personnal data

1 – Introduction 

Personnal data– Définition

The term “personal data” refers to all data that identifies an individual directly or indirectly, by aggregating several data, which corresponds in particular to your company, telephone number, email address, number of employees in your company , name of the person to contact, data relating to your request as well as any other information that we may ask you and that you choose to communicate to us about you, as specified in more detail in article 2 below .

Responsible for data collection and processing

Jean-Michel Hénon is your main contact to deal with any request relating to your personal data.

Privacy Policy – Purpose

This confidentiality policy defines and informs you of the way in which the ink at the bottom of the heart uses and protects the information that you transmit, if applicable, when you use this site accessible from the following URL: www.

Please note that this privacy policy may be modified or supplemented at any time by ink from the bottom of the heart, in particular with a view to complying with any legislative, regulatory, jurisprudential or technological development. In such a case, the date of its update will be clearly identified at the top of this policy. These modifications are binding on the User as soon as they are put online. The User should therefore regularly consult this privacy policy and the use of cookies in order to become aware of any changes.


2 – The data collected

2.1 : We are likely to collect and process the following data, at the level of our contact form, namely:

– your first and last name

– your e-mail address

– your phone number

– your postal address

– your Internet Protocol (IP) address

– A copy of the exchanges between the ink at the bottom of the heart and you

– Information relating to your navigation and your activity.

– Information relating to your geolocation.

Generally speaking, you can visit the ink site from the bottom of your heart without providing any personal information about yourself. In any event, you are in no way obliged to transmit this information in ink to the bottom of your heart.

By providing this information and after having given your active consent, you agree that it will be treated with ink at the bottom of the heart, for the purposes indicated in point 3 below as well as for the purposes recalled at the end of each form.


2.2 : The duration of the conversation

In accordance with the recommendations of the CNIL, the data collected via the contact form is kept for 3 years.

3 – The purpose of data collection and processing

The data collected comes from the voluntary provision of their information by users wishing to access or use a Service requiring such processing, computer traces left by navigation on the Site or the transmission by one of the partners to the other partner of the data thus collected.

This data may be used for the purposes of managing operations carried out on the Site and the commercial actions of

4 – Recipients of the data collected

The data collected is never transmitted to a third party, notwithstanding the subcontractors to which the ink from the bottom of the heart calls. Neither the ink in the heart, nor any of its subcontractors, market the personal data of visitors and users of its site.

5 – Legal basis for data collection and processing

The legal bases on which the data collection is based are:

  • for the contact form, the active consent of the person (obtained through the check box at the bottom of the form);
  • for cookies legitimate interest.


6 – Transfert des données Data transfer

6.1. We store your personal data in the European Union.


7 – Right to personal data

7.1 You have different rights relating to your personal data.

7.1.1 You have the right to access personal information that concerns you. In the same way, you have a right to the portability of your data.

However, due to the obligation of security and confidentiality in the processing of personal data which falls to the ink at the bottom of the heart, you are informed that your request will be treated provided that you provide proof of your identity , in particular by producing a scan of your valid identity document or a signed photocopy of your valid identity document.

The ink at the bottom of the heart informs you that it will be entitled, if necessary, to oppose manifestly abusive requests (by their number, their repetitive or systematic nature).

To help you in your approach, in particular if you wish to exercise your right of access by means of a written request to the postal address mentioned in point 9, you will find by clicking on the following link a model mail sent by the National Commission for Information Technology and Liberties (the “CNIL”).


7.1.2 You can request the rectification, update or erasure of data concerning you which may prove to be inaccurate, erroneous, incomplete or obsolete if necessary.

You have the right to define directives relating to the storage, erasure and communication of your personal data after your death. These directives can be general, that is to say that they relate to all the personal data which concern you. In this case, they must be registered with a trusted digital third party certified by the CNIL. Directives may also be specific to the data we process. It should then be sent to us at the contact details mentioned in point 9.

By transmitting such directives to us, you expressly give your consent for these directives to be stored, transmitted and executed in the manner provided herein. You can designate in your directives a person responsible for their execution. This one will then have quality, when you will have died, to take cognizance of said directives and ask us for their implementation. In the absence of a designation, your heirs will have standing to take cognizance of your directives upon your death and ask us for their implementation. You can modify or revoke your directives at any time by writing to us using the contact details mentioned in point 9.

To help you in your approach, in particular if you wish to exercise, on your own account or on behalf of one of your deceased relatives, your right to rectification by means of a written request to the postal address mentioned in point 9, you will find by clicking on the following link a mail model developed by the CNIL.


7.1.3 You can object to the processing of your data in two types of cases:

  • When the exercise of this right is based on legitimate grounds;
  • When the exercise of this right aims to prevent the data collected from being used for commercial prospecting purposes.

To help you in your approach, in particular if you wish to exercise your right of opposition by means of a written request addressed to the postal address indicated in point 9, you will find by clicking on the following link a model of mail developed by the CNIL. 

7.1.4. You can request that the processing of your personal data be limited, only in the cases provided for by law (right to limit processing):

  • During the verification period that we implement, when you dispute the accuracy of your personal data;
  • When the processing of this data is unlawful, and you wish to limit this processing rather than delete your data;
  • When we no longer need your personal data but want to keep it to exercise your rights;
  • During the period of verification of legitimate grounds, when you have objected to the processing of your personal data.

7.1.5. You can recover your personal data that you have provided to us in an open and machine-readable format in order to store it for your personal use or to communicate it to another controller (right to portability). 

7.1.6. You have the right to lodge a complaint with the competent supervisory authority or to obtain compensation from the competent courts if you consider that we have not respected your rights.

7.2. Before responding to your request, we may verify your identity and ask you to provide us with more information.

7.3. We will endeavor to comply with your request within a reasonable time and, in any event, within the time limits set by law. If you wish to exercise this right, contact us in the manner indicated in article 9 below.


8 – Mesures de sécurité

We inform you to take all necessary precautions, appropriate organizational and technical measures to preserve the security, integrity and confidentiality of your personal data and in particular, to prevent it from being distorted, damaged or from unauthorized third parties having access to it. 

9 – Contact

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or your personal data, please contact us by:

– Addressing an email to the data controller:

– Addressing a letter to the Data Controller:

The ink at the bottom of the heart

Jean-Michel Hénon

36 Rue de Pontaret

63190 Ravel

If you believe, after contacting us, that your IT rights and freedoms are not respected or that the access control system does not comply with data protection rules, you can send a complaint online to the CNIL or by post.


II – Cookies

 When you first connect to the website, you are warned by a banner that information relating to your browsing may be saved in files called “cookies”. Our cookie use policy allows you to better understand the provisions that we implement in terms of navigation on our website. In particular, it informs you about all of the cookies present on our website, their purpose (part I.) and gives you the procedure to follow to configure them (part II.)

1 – General information about cookies on the site

the ink at the bottom of the heart, as the publisher of this website, may proceed to the implementation of a cookie on the hard drive of your terminal (computer, tablet, mobile etc.) in order to guarantee navigation fluid and optimal on its website.

“Cookies” (small cookies) are small text files of limited size that allow us to recognize your computer, tablet or mobile for the purpose of personalizing the services we offer.

The information collected through cookies does not in any way identify you by name. They are used exclusively for our own needs in order to improve the interactivity and performance of our website and to send you content tailored to your interests.

None of this information is communicated to third parties except when the ink at the bottom of the heart has previously obtained your consent or when the disclosure of this information is required by law, on the order of a court or any administrative or judicial authority empowered to hear it.

To better inform you about the information that cookies identify, you will find below a table listing the different types of cookies that may be used on the site, their name, their purpose and their retention period. .


2 – Configuration of preferences on cookies 

You can accept or refuse the deposit of cookies at any time.

When you first connect to the site, a banner briefly presenting information relating to the deposit of cookies and similar technologies appears on your screen. This banner warns you that by continuing to browse the ink in the heart website (by loading a new page or by clicking on various elements of the site, for example), the site is likely to use cookies ..

Depending on the type of cookie in question, obtaining your consent to the deposit and reading of cookies on your terminal may be imperative.

2.1. Cookies exempt from consent

In accordance with the recommendations of the National Commission for Information Technology and Liberties (CNIL), certain cookies are exempt from the prior collection of your consent to the extent that they are strictly necessary for the operation of the website or have the sole purpose of allowing or facilitating communication by electronic means. These include session ID, authentication, load balancing session cookies as well as cookies for customizing your interface. These cookies are fully subject to this policy insofar as they are issued and managed by ink at the bottom of the heart.


2.2. Cookies requiring the prior collection of your consent

This requirement concerns cookies issued by third parties and which are qualified as “persistent” insofar as they remain on your terminal until they are deleted or expired.

As such cookies are issued by third parties, their use and deposit are subject to their own privacy policies which you will find a link below. This cookie family includes audience measurement cookies (in particular Google Analytics), advertising cookies (which ink in the bottom of the heart does not use) as well as social network sharing cookies (in particular from Facebook) .

Audience measurement cookies compile statistics on the use and use of various elements of the website (such as the content / pages you have visited). These data help improve the ergonomics of the ink in the heart website. An audience measurement tool is used on this website:

Google Analytics whose privacy policy is available from the following link:


Social network sharing cookies are issued and managed by the publisher of the social network concerned.

Subject to your consent, these cookies allow you to easily share some of the content published on the ink site from the bottom of your heart, in particular by means of an application “button” for sharing according to the social network concerned. These cookies are managed by the third party AddToAny whose privacy policy (in English) is available from the following link:


2.3. Cookie setting tool

We draw your attention to the fact that the refusal of the deposit of cookies on your terminal is nevertheless likely to alter your user experience as well as your access to certain services or functionalities of this website. If necessary, the ink at the bottom of the heart declines any responsibility concerning the consequences linked to the deterioration of your navigation conditions which occur due to your choice to refuse, delete or block the cookies necessary for the functioning of the site. These consequences cannot constitute damage and you cannot claim any compensation for this fact.

Your browser also allows you to delete existing cookies on your device or to notify you when new cookies are likely to be placed on your device. These settings have no effect on your browsing but you lose all the benefit provided by the cookie.

Please read below the multiple tools available to you so that you can configure the cookies placed on your terminal.


2.4. Internet browser settings

Each Internet browser offers its own cookie management settings. To find out how to modify your cookie preferences, you will find below the links to the help necessary to access the menu of your browser provided for this purpose:

  • Chrome :
  • Firefox :
  • Internet Explorer :
  • Opera :
  • Safari :

For more information on cookie control tools, you can consult the CNIL website:

For any question or additional request for information relating to this cookie policy, please contact the data controller whose contact details are given in point 9.


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